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Ice Hockey

Monarch High School


 Ice Hockey Info


When does the season start?

Monday, Nov. 12, 2018

How do we register?

For this year, all students will register at Monarch High School. When the JV team is selected, that roster will be transfered to CHS.

Is a sports physical required?

Yes. You must have a current sports physical before you can attend tryouts.

What is the cost?

$1250.00, due at the time of registration.

Where will the CHS team skate?

The Centaurus home ice will be at the YMCA of Boulder Valley located at 2800 Dagny Way in Lafayette, CO

When are tryouts?

The teams will be trying out in tandem (Monarch and Centaurus). The times and locations are below.

TRYOUT 11-12    4:00-5:00, Sport Stable (all)

TRYOUT 11-13    3:20-4:50, YMCA (all)

TRYOUT 11-14    3:50-4:50, Sport Stable (all)

TRYOUT 11-15    3:20-4:50, YMCA  (JV only)


Can Monarch students tryout for the JV Centaurus team?

CHSAA met and determined that students enrolled at Monarch would have the opportunity to tryout at Centaurus, if they fail to make their varsity ice hockey program.


When are practices held?

Exact times and dates are TBA.

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