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 College Credit Opportunities

At Monarch High School, we want to challenge students with rigorous courses while emphasizing balance. We would like to share with you the variety of college credit opportunities that are available to all students at Monarch High School.  

The Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Program offered through the Monarch High School of Business allows qualified high school students in grades 9-12 to enroll in college courses through Front Range Community College (FRCC) and earn credit for specified courses taken at Monarch High School, generally at no cost to them. Credits earned appear on an official FRCC transcript and can be applied to a degree program or may be transferred to another college or university.  The College Opportunity Fund and Boulder Valley School District will pay the tuition portion for CE courses at the local community college rates on behalf of the student.  Qualified students can enroll in college academic and/or career and technical education courses, which may include coursework related to internship programs.

This short video will provide more information pertaining to obtaining FRCC concurrent enrollment credit while at Monarch High School.

Enrollment in FRCC CE courses for college credit is optional. To enroll in these courses, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Early Spring during preceding year 

    • Register for Monarch course

  • Step 2: Late Spring 

    • Apply to FRCC

  • Step 3: First week of each semester 

    • Register for FRCC course(s)


CE Courses on the local college campus:  Legislation exists at the state level that allows students to access funds to study at the postsecondary level, on the college campus, while still in high school. Through this program, students may earn both high school and college credit. Students who have exhausted BVSD curriculum may qualify for this opportunity.  BVSD must approve all CE Courses. ** The district covers only tuition at the community college rate for courses taken on the college campus.. Fees, books, and other related costs are also the responsibility of the family.


Refer to for enrollment process.


The CU Succeed Program is a unique program of the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) and University of Colorado Springs (UCCS) that provides students with the opportunity to take courses in high school for both high school and college credit. The courses offered have been reviewed by UCD/UCCS faculty and have been deemed equivalent in content and academic standards to courses taught on the UCD/UCCS campuses. Additionally, the instructors are high school faculty who have met the same standards as on-campus instructors and have been granted adjunct faculty status by an academic department of the University.


Credits earned in CU Succeed courses appear on an official UCD/UCCS transcript and can be applied to a degree program at one of the CU campuses (with limited exceptions), or they may be transferred to another college or university (Visit  or for more information regarding the use and transfer of credits). UCD and UCCS cannot guarantee that courses will transfer to all institutions, nor will they refund tuition for courses that do not transfer.


Enrollment in CU Succeed courses for college credit is optional. To enroll in these courses, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Early Spring during preceding year 

    • Register for Monarch course

  • Step 2: Within first 6 weeks of each semester (fall deadline October 1st)

    • Obtain the consent of parent/guardian and submit Financial Agreement form to the course instructor(s)

    • Register for course(s) online using the UCD/UCCS registration system

  • Step 3: Within first 10 weeks of each semester  (fall deadline October 31st)

    • Pay tuition for the courses

    • Tuition Cost $77 per credit

    • Unpaid tuition will result in additional service charges.


October 1st is the fall deadline to register on the UCD/UCCS portal and submit the Financial Agreement for CU Succeed courses.  If you are in a CU Succeed course this semester and want to earn college credit, you must register online by Oct. 1st:


The Advanced Placement (AP) Program: The College Board’s AP courses offer the opportunity to study a subject in-depth at the college level.  These demanding courses culminate in national exams in May of the enrolled year. Tests are 2-3 hour-long tests made up of multiple-choice and free-response questions. The exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. If students receive a high enough score on an AP Exam, they may be eligible for credit, advanced placement or both at most colleges in the United States.


Enrollment in AP Courses for college credit is optional. To enroll in these courses, follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Early Spring during preceding year 

    • Register for Monarch course

  • Step 2: Late February of enrolled year 

    • Sign up for AP exam and pay fee

    • AP Exam Cost $94

Benefits of College Credit Opportunities at Monarch High School

  • Courses are conveniently offered at the student's high school during regular periods of the school day.
  • Students can earn college credits at the same time they satisfy high school requirements.
  • For students who complete their high school requirements early, college credit courses are an excellent alternative to additional high school electives or off-campus enrollment.
  • Early exposure to college-level courses and college expectations help students make a more successful transition from high school to college.
  • Students who participate in college credit opportunities fare better academically, persist in college longer, and graduate sooner than those who have not had the benefit of such an experience.
  • Credits earned in college credit courses can be transferred to other in-state or out-of-state institutions, shortening the time it takes to earn a degree.
  • The cost of enrolling in college credit courses is substantially lower than that of taking courses on a college campus after high school graduation, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in completing a college degree.

Please meet with your school counselor to discuss any questions you may have regarding college credit courses you are interested in.  This determination may impact the course cost, your ability to transfer course credits to individual colleges, or the amount and/or type of credits that you might receive.  Attached is a list of courses that are offered by Monarch High School, which may apply toward a college degree or certificate. Also included are the potential costs for each course.  

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