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 Monarch High School

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Monarch High School there is no limit to how far your imagination, hard work and education can take you. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to explore and discover new paths to success. Monarch is large enough to offer outstanding opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, and activities, yet small enough to help students take advantage of them. Our students do more than fulfill the requirements for a high school degree; they experience dynamic classes and exciting activities that will help them discover themselves and the world. 
​Monarch High School focuses on the education of all students to prepare them to take their place in a technology driven world. We provide comprehensive and innovative extracurricular programs that promote student involvement, academic excellence, collaborative and independent thinking, creative expression, respect of differences, and a global perspective.  We embrace and value our diversity as a part of the world community. We encourage and support students to become resilient,​ lifelong learners who thrive and are prepared to take on the challenges of the 21st century.
For information about Monarch's Open Enrollment Showcase and Tour Events follow this link: Open-Enrollment-Showcase.aspx

​​{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}<p>​At Monarch High School, we believe in "Creating Bright Futures, One Student at a Time!" </p><div webpartid="84996621-9da8-4762-9c3e-4b0f8e4473fd"><p>Monarch High School is a comprehensive college and career preparatory high school with a four-year graduation rate of over 96 percent. Students at Monarch are encouraged to stretch themselves academically through our substantial options to gain college credit via our extensive <a href="">Advanced Placement program</a> and <a href="">CU Succeed offerings</a>, which are both tied to concurrent enrollment opportunities through CU Succeed. Furthermore, Monarch High School is an official satellite campus of Front Range Community College thereby allowing students the opportunity to earn up to 69 <a href="">college credits</a>. Monarch also encourages students to become involved through our highly competitive <a href="">athletic programs</a>, robust and successful <a href="">music programs</a> (band, choir, orchestra), <a href="">broad arts portfolio</a>, dynamic drama/theatre program, and over <a href="">60 clubs</a>. To ensure the success and growth of all students, Monarch provides regular tutor time and a ninth-grade transition program into our regular school day. <br></p><p>Monarch was the first school in the Boulder Valley School District to integrate technology into our classrooms and we still lead the way in innovative instructional practices via our Bring Your Own Device initiative. Now Monarch is a leader within BVSD's <a href="">1:Web </a>initiative, which brings low-cost technology into the hands of every incoming ninth grade student. Monarch's Career and Technical Education programs -- which include <a href="">Culinary Arts</a>, <a href="">Computer Science</a>, <a href="">Business</a>, <a href="">Marketing </a>(<a href="">Colorado High School of Business</a>), and STEM (e.g. award-winning <a href="">Robotics program, pre-engineering, 3D Design, and Industrial Design</a>) -- ensure that all student interests are being fostered and grown. <br></p><p>Monarch High School has a known reputation across the state of Colorado for its academic, athletic, and extra-curricular excellence. We will ensure that all students are supported on their path towards meeting their bright futures.</p></div>Neil AndersonMark SibleyLInda Hubbard<ul><li>MHS provides a wide range of special education services for students with special needs (significant needs, SLD specific learning disability), deaf and hard-of-hearing, and emotional and behavioral disorders. Students are served in the least restrictive environment.</li><li>TAG students are served in 40+ advanced courses in grades nine through 12, including Advanced Placement, CU Succeed, and Front Range Community College credit opportunities. TAG students have the opportunity to be dual-enrolled in post-secondary courses on the CU-Boulder campus.<br></li><li>MHS features a closed campus environment, modified block schedule, and late start one day a week for faculty professional development and tutor time for students.<br></li><li>MHS employs an intervention specialist from the Mental Health Center of Boulder County, four full-time BVSD counselors, a school social worker, and a school psychologist to support the social and emotional health of students. In event that students are struggling academically, emotionally, or socially, MHS has a problem solving team which develops, in conjunction with parents and teachers, action plans to support students. Tutoring is available daily to students in our Learning Center (The Forum) and additionally on Wednesday mornings during late start. </li><li>Monarch High School’s Library has been recognized by the State of Colorado as a Power Library (a model library for schools across the state).  It is the only high school library with this designation in Boulder Valley School District.</li><li>Course Offerings total over 200 courses in the curriculum which includes courses at the Boulder Technical Education Center, and weighted credit in Advanced Placement Courses, CU Succeed, and Front Range Community College opportunities.</li><li>Students at Monarch High School may participate in many activities that are school-sponsored and led by district employees. These include, but are not limited to, Colorado High School Activities Association sanctioned programs, forensics, yearbook, newspaper, musicals, plays, marching band, concert band, orchestra, jazz band, color guard, percussion lines, choirs, forensics, Mock Trial, Invisible Children, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), DECA (an international association of marketing students), International Club, Student Council, Thespians, National Honor Society, world language and culture clubs, and the MOHI 360 (Freshmen Mentoring Program).</li><li>Monarch High School Student Academic Organizations provide an opportunity for direct extensions of the curriculum as taught at Monarch High School. Those organizations include but are not limited to the Art Studio, Literary Magazine, Science Fair, Robotics, World Language Clubs, and Teens for Oceans.</li><li>MHS Student Led organizations are not sponsored by the school but meet the parameters as set forth in BVSD policy. With over 30 student led opportunites, there is something for everyone - or the opportunity to create something new.<br></li></ul><br>​Monarch High School focuses on the education of all students to prepare them to take their place in a technologically driven world. We provide comprehensive and innovative curricular and extracurricular programs that promote student involvement, academic excellence, collaborative and independent thinking, creative expression, respect of differences, and a global perspective. We embrace and value our diversity as a part of the world community.  We encourage and support students to become resilient, lifelong learners who thrive and are prepared to take on the challenges of the 21st century. <br><br><p>​</p>“Creating Bright Futures, One Student at a Time!”<br><br>VALUES<br><ul><li dir="ltr">In our learning community, we provide multiple opportunities and paths for success:</li><li dir="ltr">We foster an equitable, culturally responsive environment that nurtures individual, intellectual, and intuitive abilities.</li><li dir="ltr">Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaging staff members and students encourage accountability through reflection and personal responsibility.</li><li dir="ltr">Clear expectations, open communication, and collaborative decision making are essential.</li><li dir="ltr">We maintain a safe, inclusive environment that develops global citizens through interpersonal skills, digital citizenship, common courtesies, and mutual respect. </li><li>We promote wellness (mental, emotional and physical) for our staff and students. <br></li></ul>



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