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Back to School Check-In

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 Back to School Information 2018-2019

Make-up Check-In Date: August 13, 1-4pm

If you did not attend your spring registration day, we ask that you attend our make-up check-in date. You will be able to have your picture taken for your ID and complete any necessary paperwork (off-campus pass, parking permits, etc.)

Monarch High Back to School Check-in/Picture Day

Check-in for the 2018-19 school year will be held May 21 to May 23

2018-2019 Check-in Instructions

We are looking forward to welcoming students for the 2018-2019 school year with our annual Back to School Check-in.

At Check-in, we confirm that families have completed their online district update; take student photos for IDs, the yearbook, and for ordering; junior/senior applications for parking permits; and off-campus passes. 

Step 1: Complete Your Annual Data Update (ADU)

In April, primary household contacts should have received an email from Boulder Valley School District prompting you to update your information (called the Annual Data Update) on Infinite Campus. If you have not yet done this for your student(s), please complete this process as soon as possible. ADU is part of the Check-in process and should be completed prior to Check-in; however, we will have computers available at Check-in for those who need help. Click here for more information on the

ADU process. Note that ADU replaces the required forms that we used to collect at Check-in. Only the parent/guardian who is listed as the primary contact can

complete the ADU.

To complete your family's ADU--or to confirm that it is complete--log into your Infinite Campus Portal and select the link on the left-hand column titled "Annual Data Update ADU."

For more information or assistance, you may contact the Enrollment Help Desk at 720-561-5247 or

Step 2: Payment Information

All payments (e.g. yearbooks, activity passes, parking permits, etc.) can be completed online.

These should be taken care of online at the MHS website by going to Monarch Website, then

select "Pay Student Fees", then “Registration Items”. Be sure to print and bring a copy of your


Step 3: Attend Check-in at Monarch High

It is not necessary for parents to attend Check-in as long as the Annual Data Update (ADU) process has been completed which includes completion of the Rights and Responsibilities Form, the Technology Agreement form, and the Emergency Card.

Step 4: Additional Information and Forms

Additional forms that you may need for check-in and other information can be found below in the forms section. Any of the documents in the forms section below can be printed.

 Information Documents & Forms



1_Web BVSD Program Agreement - English BVSD Program Agreement - English.pdf1_Web BVSD Program Agreement - English
1_Web BVSD Program Agreement - Spanish BVSD Program Agreement - Spanish.pdf1_Web BVSD Program Agreement - Spanish
Howler Subscription Form 2018-2019 Subscription Form 2018-2019.pdfHowler Subscription Form 2018-2019
Monarch HS Student Check-In 2018-2019 HS Student Check-In 2018-2019 .pdfMonarch HS Student Check-In 2018-2019
MHS Student Check-in Optional Fees for 2018-19 Student Check-in Optional Fees for 2018-19.pdfMHS Student Check-in Optional Fees for 2018-19
Yearbook 2019 Order Form 2019 Order Form.pdfYearbook 2019 Order Form
Check-In Process Map Process Map.pdfCheck-In Process Map
ADU - Annual Data Update - Annual Data Update.pdfADU - Annual Data Update
Parking permit form 2018-19 permit form 2018-19.pdfParking permit form 2018-19
Off Campus Pass Application 2018-19 Campus Pass Application 2018-19.pdfOff Campus Pass Application 2018-19
Monarch’s PTSO Fundraising Flyer 2018’s PTSO Fundraising Flyer 2018.pdfMonarch’s PTSO Fundraising Flyer 2018
Booster Club Membership Form 2018-19 Club Membership Form 2018-19.pdfBooster Club Membership Form 2018-19
Lifetouch Photo Flyer for 2018-19 Photo Flyer for 2018-19.pdfLifetouch Photo Flyer for 2018-19
RevTrakFlyer MHS MHS.pdfRevTrakFlyer MHS
Anaphylaxis_Plan_enabled 1-2017 1-2017.pdfAnaphylaxis_Plan_enabled 1-2017
CO_Schl_Asthma_Care_Plan_4_20_2015 clean with fields enabled clean with fields enabled.pdfCO_Schl_Asthma_Care_Plan_4_20_2015 clean with fields enabled
BVSD Self Carry Contract 9-2014 (Fillable) (1) Self Carry Contract 9-2014 (Fillable) (1).pdfBVSD Self Carry Contract 9-2014 (Fillable) (1)
Medication Authorizaton Form_ENG Authorizaton Form_ENG.pdfMedication Authorizaton Form_ENG