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Monarch High School

​Monarch focuses on the education of each student to prepare them to take their place in a technologically driven world. Our dynamic academic and extracurricular programs promote student involvement, academic excellence, independent thinking and creative expression. Monarch faculty and students encourage social and emotional development of individuals and expect individuals to assume responsibility for their learning and behavior.

How Is Our School Unique?

At Monarch High School there is no limit to how far your imagination, hard work and education can take you. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to explore and discover new paths to success. Monarch is large enough to offer outstanding opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, and activities, yet small enough to help students take advantage of them. Our students do more than fulfill the requirements for a high school degree; they experience dynamic classes and exciting activities that will help them discover themselves and the world. 

​Monarch High School focuses on the education of all students to prepare them to take their place in a technology driven world. We provide comprehensive and innovative extracurricular programs that promote student involvement, academic excellence, collaborative and independent thinking, creative expression, respect of differences, and a global perspective.  We embrace and value our diversity as a part of the world community. We encourage and support students to become resilient,​ lifelong learners who thrive and are prepared to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

At Monarch High School, we believe in 'Creating Bright Futures, One Student at a Time.'nMark Sibley, pRINCIPAL