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This is a list by department of summer homework assignments that are to be done prior to the first day of class in August.

 Summer Homework by Department

Language Arts & Social StudiesMathematics​Science​World Languages & Art

​9th Advanced LA:

9 ALA Summer read 2018.pdf

Adv Algebra II: Adv. Alg. 2 Required Summer Math Homework.pdf


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Go to Assignments, Summer assignment and follow the instructions.

This is NOT for Advanced Bio, it is for 2nd year bio students in AP Bio

Spanish 5:

​10th Advanced World Lit: 10ALASmrRdg_1819Alchemist.pdf

​​Regular Pre-Calc: Coming Soon...

​AP CHEM: AP Chem Summer Homework.pdf 

This assignment is for second year chemistry students only

​AP Spanish: Spanish 5 AP Summer Assignment.pdf

​11th AP LA:AP Lang - Comp Summer Reading 18-19.pdf

Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms 18-19.pdf
Adv Pre-Calc: Adv. Pre-Calc Summer Homework.pdf

​Science Research Seminar: 2018 SRS Summer Homework.pdf

​AP French:

​12th AP Lit:


​Calc AB: AP Calculus AB Summer Packet (updated 5_2016).pdf

​AP German 5:  APSommer Aufgabe.pdf
​AP European History:

​​Calc BC: Calculus_BC_Summer_Packet.pdf

​Advanced Draw/Paint 2,3 4:    

​Calc 2/3: Calc 2-3 Summer packet.pdf