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Additional Academic Programs

Additional Programs Offered at Monarch

Independent Study

During junior or senior year, a student may pursue an Independent Study in various subjects not presently taught at Monarch High School. This individual work is counted as elective credit toward graduation. The student must find a Monarch High teacher willing to sponsor and supervise the Independent Study. A contract must be completed and approved by the sponsoring teacher and the Assistant Principal prior to the start of the study. Students must take Independent Study for a letter grade and the Independent Study class must be in addition to the minimum number of classes required per grade level (for example, a 7th class for 11th grade students and a 6th class for 12th grade students). There are specific guidelines to follow and maxi­mum credit allowances. Independent Study contracts are available in the Counseling Office. 

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

Colorado law (HB 1326) provides high school students in the eleventh and twelfth grades the opportunity to apply credit earned at post-sec­ondary state institutions toward high school graduation credit or credit toward a degree or a certification at an institution of higher education, or both.
At least sixty days prior to anticipated enrollment, eligible students must give written notice of intent to enroll to the Director of Administrative Services, Boulder Valley School District. Applica­tions are available in the Monarch High Counsel­ing Office.
The district will reimburse a portion of the tuition costs for a maximum of two courses per student per semes­ter. Courses must be academic in nature. Stu­dents must exhaust all Monarch High course offerings in the content area at Monarch High. The law does not apply to summer school. All other tuition and course costs will be paid by the student. A student who drops a course without consent of the principal or receives an F will not be reimbursed.