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Additional Credit Options

Monarch High School: Additional Options for Elective Credit

  • Community Service (X67) – Max of 5 credits  

BVSD policy IKF – Graduation Requirements allows students the use their outside Volunteer / Community Service hours (minimum of 75) to be used to achieve 5 elective credits.
Monarch High School accepts documented hours (min of 75) one time per student on an as-needed basis to meet 5 elective credits towards graduation requirements. Transcript entries for Community Service will only happen for those that are using the service to meet a graduation requirement. 


  • Work Experience (X68) – Max of 30 credits/school year

Monarch High School accepts documented work hours as outlined in our career experience contract to be used for elective credit to meet graduation requirements.  A minimum of 12 hours worked will earn 1 elective credit.  A student can earn 30 credits per school year if needed

A transcript is an official record of the students work showing courses taken and grades achieved.  The purpose of a high school transcript is to briefly summarize a student’s knowledge.  Students interested in sharing extracurricular activities (such as after school activities, awards and honors, community service and job related experience) achieved during their high school career should prepare a supplemental resume to provide in addition to a high school transcript.
BVSD transcripts display general student demographics information, summary of enrollment, courses taken and the frequency of evaluations, credits received, the students GPA as well as state test scores on final transcripts.  See BVSD Policy IKA

​Monarch High School: Additional Options for Physical Education Credit

  • Waived PE (P99) – Max of 10 credits

BVSD policy IKF - A maximum of 10 of the 15 physical education credits may be waived* based on participation in comparable school activities (i.e., two credits may be waived* for each CHSAA approved sport successfully completed, or two credits may be waived* for each season of Marching Band successfully completed) or comparable activities outside the school program (i.e., one credit may be waived* for each supervised activity that is at a sophisticated and competitive skill level as determined by the building principal).
*Credit will not be granted for school or outside activities when they are used for waiving of physical education credits. Students are required to take 220 units to fulfill the graduation requirements.

Effective 07-01-2019 Monarch HS will be changing our procedures for issuing PE waivers.  A student can participate in an outside sport and complete the PE waiver pre-approval form. This athlete will then maintain a log of hours during the school year. The coach of the athlete will sign and date at the end of the season and the athlete will turn in to the Counseling office. The student will receive 1 credit waived for each 100 hours of an approved CHSAA sport or comparable outside activity. PE Waiver agreements will be accepted from students in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades as the agreement is completed. This procedure has not changed.
Starting with the class of 2020, Monarch HS will issue PE Waivers for CHSAA approved sports at the end of the student athlete’s Junior year as needed. For student athletes entering their Senior year that have not met the PE graduation requirement through the traditional PE classes on campus they may be eligible to receive waived PE credits. PE Waivers will depend on the CHSAA sport(s) successfully completed and documented and will range from 1 – 10 credits waived. Only one entry for PE waivers will appear on a student’s transcript and will appear in the summer following the close of their Junior year.