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Hi! Welcome to Monarch Theatre. We are a large group of fun-loving individuals who pride themselves in the dedication we have to the theatre arts. Monarch Theatre Department is made up of all different kinds of folk. No matter if you are an actor, a techie, new to the school, or even graduating this year, the Monarch Thespians welcome everyone with open arms.

Every year, we put on a plethora of performances, including 2 plays, a collection of one acts, a musical, as well as a one night competition of student written and directed one acts. Our last performance of the year is our Senior Showcase, which is a chance to see our seniors perform their most cherished songs, monologues, and dances, as well as a number from their freshman year musical. 

Our Thespian Troupe through the International Thespian Society is highly involved in both Thescon and Nationals. Every December, Troupe 5989 (our troupe!) goes to Denver for 3 days to compete and learn more about theatre. Every year, thespians from our troupe qualify for Nationals, which takes place during the summer in Indiana. New theatre folk who show meritorious work in the theatre arts will be granted membership to Troupe 5989 at our annual induction ceremony in the spring. See Doc for more information on how to qualify for induction.

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Gwendolyn Lukas-Doctor

Job Title: Teacher
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School: 720-561-4221