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Peer Tutoring

NHS offers free peer tutoring for students at Monarch that are struggling in an academic course. There are several ways in which we do tutoring:

1. One-to-one peer tutoring with an NHS tutor for your student during an off period, lunch or outside of school time. Students (not teachers) should use this link to request a tutor.

Student Request for 1:1 NHS Tutors

2. NHS tutors may make arrangements with teachers to come in and assist with their students, either during access time or a mutually-agreeable class period. 

3. NHS tutors are available for walk-in help (no appointment needed!) during Wednesday morning access times as well as both lunch periods on Wednesday.

     a) Wednesday access time 8:35-9:30 Student Center (between B and C halls on the first floor - where MoHi Perk is located.

    b) Wednesday both lunch periods in the library in the right side room.