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State Assessments

​​Juniors: April 14, 9-12:45 SAT, April 15, 9:15- 12:30 CMAS Science Sophomores: April 15, 9-12:30 PSAT-10 Freshman: April 16, 9-12:15 PSAT-9
  • Note: If your child receives testing accommodations, please note that the testing times will be longer.
      • Note: Boulder Valley School District requires a written request to opt a student out of testing. Please send your written request to The request needs to identify your student's full name and which test you are requesting to opt out of. For example: Student: John Smith, 11th grade, requesting to be opted out of CMAS Science 11. Families are asked (though not required) to arrange an excused absence from school on testing days, and provide appropriate alternative activities of their own if their child will not be participating. If you have questions about these assessments, you are encouraged to reach out to Ms. Stephanie Mann, Assistant Principal, at