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Monarch Method


"I'm done with Dewey! I'll show you how to do it, too."

The Dewey Decimal System was first published in 1876, just 11 years after the Civil War! It was also the same year that Alexander Graham Bell had his first telephone prototype. Is there anything else from 1876 we in the modern world are still using? I thought it was clearly time for a change! This is why, with the help of some dedicated library volunteers, most notably Sarah Peters and Mary Oetting, I decided I was "Done with Dewey" - we built our own classification system from the ground up based on how my students and staff search for books. I call it the Monarch Method.  The best comparison is that it makes looking for books in my library similar to buying a book online through Amazon. There is no cost, just use what I've done so you don't have to start from scratch. Please let people know you are using it.